Fraser Island Fish

Fraser Island has one of Australia's most rich and diverse fishing areas. The artificial reef is the largest in the southern hemisphere and was built to help stop the decline of the local fish population. It is now home to reef fish, including large groper, coral trout, sweet lip, red emperor, parrot fish and cod.

The tailor season runs through the winter months mackerel abound during the summer months. The gin-clear water over the sandy shallow flats is home to big golden trevally and bone fish.

The lakes and creeks support a diverse range of freshwater fish with Lake Wabby being home to 12 species, including the rare honey blue-eye (Pseudomugil mellis).

It is believed that the eggs of fish species arrive at these isolated dune lakes on the feet of birds. The introduced mosquito fish (Gambusia holbrooki) competes with native fish for food.

The numerous freshwater lakes provide a habitat for freshwater turtles such as Krefft's river turtle (Emydura krefftii), which can be identified by a conspicuous pale yellow streak along the side of its head.

The loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta), a large marine turtle, is also present around the island and comes ashore to lay its eggs between October and May.

Fishing enthusiasts from around the world come to Fraser Island to experience one of Australia's most rich and diverse fishing areas.

Fishers are required to observe size and bag limits and are urged to take only what they need in order to protect the fish resource.

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