Fraser Island Eco Code

Take with you only photographs and happy memories. Leave only footprints.

Protect Native Animals
Feeding, touching or approaching native animals can alter their patterns of
behaviour, endangering them or yourself. No domestic animals are permitted on the island.

Care For Our Waterways
Keep lakes and creeks clean by refraining from applying sun screen or insect
repellent until after swimming. The chemicals may alter water quality making it unfavourable to its inhabitants.

Be Forest Friendly
Show care for plants and trees. No plants can be removed or introduced to the island. Observe fire bans. Use fuel stoves in preference to burning island firewood. Use fireplaces and fire wood provided. Only light fires in areas clear of vegetation. Camp fires can quickly become wild fires, so never leave fires unattended and extinguish all fires when finished.

Remove Rubbish
Litter is unattractive and harmful to wildlife. Dispose of all rubbish correctly,
recycle where possible, use bins provided on the island or return refuse to the mainland. Don't bury rubbish.

Keep On The Track
To avoid damaging fragile flora and fauna please keep to walking tracks and
boardwalks. Only drive 4WD vehicles and keep to the designated roads and tracks to avoid erosion. Drive carefully adhering to normal road rules. Keep to the speed limits, 80km/h on the beach and 35km/h on the inland tracks.

Careful Camping
Camp only at designated campsites. Be considerate of others. Leave your campsite clean. Avoid digging trenches around tents.

Respect Our Heritage
The island contains many significant spiritual and cultural heritage sites. Avoid behaviour that is damaging or offensive.

Be Dingo Smart
Fraser Island dingoes are some of eastern Australia's last wild dingoes. Enjoy their beauty but keep your distance. For the well being of dingoes and for your safety:

  • never feed dingoes
  • don't leave food scraps around
  • keep fish and bait off the ground
  • don't encourage a dingoes attention
  • always stay with your children
  • watch dingoes quietly
  • stay calm, don't excite them
  • walk in small groups
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